The Perfect Wedding Car for the Traditional Couple

Because weddings are so special, attention to detail is an issue for most bridal couples, also for those interested in vintage wedding car hire. Vintage cars, generally speaking, refer to cars built before the 1930′s – typically those from the 1920′s.

The wedding car often tells us about the personalities of the bridal couple. If they prefer a vintage car, chances are that they are more traditional than modern and that they may want a stylish affair. The vintage car fits in well with that. If you get such a car for your wedding you will most likely be driven by a well-dressed chauffeur to and from the church and reception venue.

To find one of these old cars may require a little bit of research. There are private clubs whose members may, from time to time, make their cars available for weddings and other special events. Therefore, when you need to hire a vintage wedding car you may have to find out who the owners of these cars are.

An easier way would be to consult your local press or the internet. Some firms that hire out vehicles for weddings advertise their services and the available vehicles on their websites. The good ones provide proper photographs for the client to form an idea of what to expect. They will describe the car, mention details such as year model, colour and how much you can expect to pay for the use of the car.

Often firms who have been providing this service for many years are the best to deal with when you want to hire a vintage wedding car, since they have experience and, importantly, they will have many cars available. These vintage cars normally belong to private owners from all over and they are their owners’ pride and joy.

Companies that find these cars for couples have built up a selection over years; therefore the ones with many years’ experience have built up a great client base and are therefore the best ones to contact for your vintage car.

You have to discuss all the important details with the vintage wedding car hire firm before the big day so that there can be no uncertainty about any aspects. Be sure you know what time to meet the chauffeur, that you have an undertaking that the car has had a proper service and that any decorations such as ribbons in the colour of your preference – if you want that – have been seen to.

Also find out what if insurances are up to date and what undertakings you as the client, apart from payment, have to commit to. You do not want any outstanding issues which could lead to problems on the special day. The bride and her father want to arrive in style, unstressed.

Vintage wedding car hire is the option for those couples whose budget allow them to hire the true beauties form yesteryear, such as a vintage Rolls Royce, Austin with the original upholstery or maybe even a Daimler, for example. Depending on the firm you’re dealing with, you may actually be lucky enough to book a pair of the same cars, if you want that.

And often the choice will extend to convertibles as well which may be what one wants in summer. If you get in touch with the right firm, chances are that you will arrive in a special car on the big day. It has to be said though that these cars are popular and should be booked long before the time to be sure you get one.

When you start thinking about the possibility of vintage wedding car hire you should start early and not give up if you do not find the right one immediately since these cars are not easy to find. Therefore, the moment you do find the appropriate vintage car, book it and be sure to arrive in style at the church and the reception venue.

A Wedding Car Fit for Royalty

Every bride wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day. Wearing a beautiful dress is important to every bride, as is being driven in a wonderful car. Rolls Royce wedding cars have long been popular with brides, their fathers and grooms.
These cars are used as wedding cars by brides from all walks of society and remain one of the most popular choices as the preferred vehicle to transport them on their biggest day. Throughout the last century the Rolls Royce has been popular with royalty all over the world.

It has also been, and still is, one of the most popular5 choices for brides everywhere in the world. The Rolls Royce is generally noted for its classic appearance and its trustworthiness. Everything about it spells classy.

Rolls Royce wedding cars can either be old, vintage cars or they can be models from more recent years, such as the Silver Spurs and the Dawn Coupé. It depends on what the couple prefers. Some prefer an olde-worlde feel for their big day, which means a classic or vintage Rolls Royce from the 1920′s such as the Ghost Tourers would be the perfect choice.

Into the 1930′s the Phantom series was popularised by royalty and the English gentry and others from certain social classes. The Rolls Royce may no longer be the exclusive car of the nobility and members of a certain social standing, but they are still very much sought-after when you want a vehicle that stands out above the rest.
On her most important day any bride could be forgiven for believing she is a princess, especially when she wants to be driven in one of the most beautiful Rolls Royce wedding cars available. There are ways of finding the perfect Rolls Royce if that is the car you want for the wedding day.

A good starting point would be to ask around. Vintage and classic cars often belong to people whose hobby it is to restore these cars to their former glory and keep them in top condition for lovely drives around the city or countryside. Many of them belong to a club or organisation for owners of Rolls Royce cars – and some are willing to make them available for people who want one for a special occasion such as a wedding.

These clubs are known in their communities and they are often featured in the press. That is one way of trying to find such a car.

Another is to consult the internet when you are looking at Rolls Royce wedding cars. You will find firms who specialise in finding clients the perfect car for their wedding day. These firms are connected to the owners of these cars and they will start searching for the best one the moment you contact them. Some of them, especially companies with many years’ experience in the industry, know where to find these privately owned vehicles and they will get back to you with more than one choice, if they are able to find a selection.

Rolls Royce wedding cars that are hired through a firm – or directly from an owner – are normally chauffeur driven and in great condition. If you deal with a reputable company they will tell you upfront what the costs are and at what time exactly to meet the car and chauffeur. You can also ask them to arrange for any small accessories such as ribbons to match the colour theme of your wedding.

Depending on one’s budget there are various choices – even combinations of cars for one’s wedding day. It is not unusual to see more than one of the same Rolls Royce wedding cars at the same wedding. That happens when the bride travels in one car and other members of her immediate family or circle in another, similar vehicle.

One should always remember to book these cars well in advance – especially if you want more than just one Rolls Royce for your wedding day.

Bridal Dress Designers You May Not Have Heard Of

While some bridal designers are well established and well-known, such as Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta, there are quite a few up and coming wedding dress designers who are bringing fresh and new ideas to the word of bridal gowns. If you are planning a wedding and you haven’t chosen your wedding dress yet, here are some of the new guard of bridal gown designers that you might like to take a look at.

Suzanne Harward

Suzanne Harward is an Australian designer who has designed wedding dresses since 1975. Up until fairly recently, her dresses were only really marketed in Australia, but now her designs are available in the US as well. Suzanne Harward’s latest collection has a Victorian feel and the style varies from short A-line dresses to ball gown silhouettes.

Caroline Hayden

Based in Minnesota, Caroline Hayden launched her first collection towards the end of 2016. Caroline Hayden is well-known for her strong, feminine silhouettes and her wonderful use of fabrics. Her wedding collection has an emphasis on separates and all the fabrics are designed to be wrinkle-free.

Hermione de Paula

Having worked at Christian Dior Couture, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Giles, Hermione de Paula started her own label in 2008. Her first collection was shown at the 2009 London Fashion Week and she has since gone on to produce a full range of designer clothing, including some stunning bespoke bridal wear. Often inspired by English gardens and the English countryside, Hermione de Paula outfits are romantic, delicate, and very beautiful. Hermione de Paula works as much as an artist as she does a fashion designer and her wedding dresses really do look like works of art.

Kaviar Gauche

Launched by the designers Johanna Kühl and Alexandra Fischer-Roehler in 2004, the Kaviar Gauche rage of bridal wear has a young, fresh feel to it and their bridal gowns are available at accessible prices. The dresses often have unexpected details in them and they are very feminine.

Donatelle Godart

Inspired by David Hamilton and Jane Birkin, Donatelle Godart’s often feature a dreamy silhouette and are fresh and very feminine. Smooth and slim forms and lots of embroidery, silk and lace, each Donatelle Godart dress has a little bit of mystery to it. Despite the dreamy quality of Donatelle Godart’s gowns, they are flattering for all kinds of body shapes and it’s another brand that sells at accessible prices.

Anya Fleet

Born in Russia, the inspiration for Anya Fleet’ wedding gowns comes from many sources. She established her bridal line in 2011 and her current style is a mixture of old style Hollywood and romantic bohemian. It’s a clean, uncluttered look that creates a refined silhouette of elegance and sophistication. Every dress from Anya Fleet is handmade to order and she makes wonderful use of lace, hand embroidery and beading.

These are just a few examples of the many up and coming wedding dress designers who starting to make a name for themselves. If you are planning a wedding and you are thinking about wearing a bespoke designer gown, it really is worth taking a closer look at some of the newer designers, like Hermione de Paula and the others mentioned here, because you might just find the perfect wedding outfit for you.